We invite you to take a guided tour of the ancient Jewish cemetery by the architect Dominique Tomasov, dedicated to the study and protection of this necropolis.
The old Jewish cemetery dates from the 9th century. Although no burials were made after the 14th century, references to the Jewish Cemetery, Jewish Road or Jewish Font, survive for centuries in notarial documentation.
As a representative space of the history of the city, in 2009 the Generalitat de Catalunya granted it the denomination of Cultural Asset of National Interest – Historic Place.
The Jewish population of Barcelona and all over the world has a particular link with this sacred space, where the remains of the ancestors rest.
In this tour we will get to know first hand the history, aspects of the funerary tradition and the process of protecting a capital piece of Catalan heritage.
Throughout the tour there will be space for questions and exchange of comments.

Day: Friday 18 October
Time: 11 to 12:30h
Meeting place: Cable car stop at the foot of Montjuïc Castle
Pre-registration: comunicacio@cbsa.cat