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Francesc Espluga i Pons, Master Builder

Constructed in  1874

Remodelling Pere Subias i Berlinghieri (1930-2012), Scultptor (1970)

Restoration Antoni Vilanova i Eduard Simó, Architects (2012)

The Montjuic Stone base and the iron railing of the present pantheon, designed by the Master Builder Francesc Espluga, who is also the autor of other pantheons in the cemetery (Dumanjó, Geli, Pons, Giberch i Bruno Quadras), are the only elements left of the original structure.

The interior consists of 3 compartments and an ossuary.

The measurements of the compartments are: 2,50 x 0,87 x 0,67 each.

The pantheon is located on a16m2 parcel.