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Guided tour in Les Corts Cemetery

CBSA has organized a new guided tour of Les Corts Cemetery wit QR code.

The tour will visit the tombs of well-known people from the area of sports, the arts, culture and society. Among there is the tomb of the actor and comedian Joan Capri; Paulino Alcántara, Josep Samitier, César Rodríguez, Estanislau Basora, Ladislao Kubala and Javier Urruticoechea all Football Club Barcelona players; the 19th century arquitects as Frederic Marès and Antoni Batlle, one of the pioneers of modern European photojournalism.

The route also takes the visitor to the oldest Jewish Cemetery in Barcelona.

The visit aims to show the connection between the cemetery and the culture and the history of Barcelona.

Opening hours
From Monday to Sunday: 8.00 to 18.00

Address and telephone number
Avda. Joan XXIII, 3-15. 08028 Barcelona Tel. 934.841.992

Public transport

7. Daily (Diagonal Mar – Zona Universitària)
33. Daily (Zona Universitària – Verneda)
54. Daily (Estació del Nord – Campus Nord)
74. Daily (Zona Universitària – Fabra i Puig)
113. Daily (Av. Joan XXIII – Barri de la Mercè)
L12. Daily (Pl. Reina Mª. Cristina – Cornellà de Llobregat)
L97. Daily (Pl. Reina Mª. Cristina – Castelldefels)

Line 3. Mª. Cristina station (exit Pl. Reina Mª. Cristina)

Visiting hours

Free guided visit


934 841 999