Cementiris de Barcelona S.A. has now opened its funeral library to the public. The new space, located next to the funeral carriages collection, offers over 1,800 bibliographic resources relating to funeral matters, making it the most significant within Spain and the second most important in Europe.

The library was first started twenty years ago by Manel Hernández, an archaeologist and Egyptologist specialised in funeral rituals. Its publications come from all over the world and are in a variety of languages including Catalan, Spanish, Galician, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Swedish and Japanese.

The majority of these original publications focus on the funeral customs on a range of different civilisations, from prehistoric to present. There is also a significant collection dedicated to Egyptology.

The new space also offers an area to consult the wealth of information available, allowing the visitor to set off on a journey through time.

For information about opening hours:
Telephone: 93 484 1999


To view the books in the Funeral Library, follow the link: