Cementiris de Barcelona has received the 2019 Integration Award for its services that respond to the city’s interculturality. The Director General of Cemeteries, Miquel Trepat, received the award last Tuesday in a ceremony presented by Javid Mughal, founder and director of the first newspaper in the Urdu language and Muhammad Igbal, president of the Pakistani Community Way of Peace. Among others, the event was also attended by the Consul of Pakistan in Barcelona, Murad Ashraf Janjua. This award is organized by the newspaper El mirador de los inmigrantes, which this year celebrates its 20th birthday.

The award recognizes the work of different persons and entities to provide adequate services to people of different cultures and religions. Cementiris de Barcelona offers specific services to different communities, such as the Muslim and Hebrew communities.

Cementiris de Barcelona has always respected and valued cultural and religious diversity, and for this reason it takes into account specific services for these communities living in the city, and in this way facilitates integration, also to the cemeteries.

In addition to Cementiris de Barcelona, the following have also received awards: the SALE Foundation, the Casal de Niños del Arrabal, the Catalan Commission for Refugee Aid, the Official Language School of Barcelona, the Grupo de Trabajo Estable de Religiones (GTER), UCIDAT, Vicens Vives, the former alderwomen of Ciutat Vella, Gala Pin, and the  former director of reception services for migrants in Barcelona, Ramon Sanahuja.